All new Craftsman equipment (garden traktor, lawn mower, cultivator) provided 24 months warranty.

The warranty period runs from the date of sale.

During the warranty period are repaired free of charge and discarded equipment malfunctions, defects, which are not due to the buyer's fault.

Warranty service is carried out by the seller on the website referred to service locations, or customer specified location, if the buyer bear the cost of the master of arrival (if warranty service is needed to arrive a few times, the buyer shall bear all the entry costs).


Warranty service will not apply to:

1. Garden tractors blades, belts, spark plugs, air and oil filters, blades bearings, seat cover, batteries, as these components may wear due to normal use during the warranty period.

2. Lawn mowers blades, belts, filters, spark plugs.

3. Cultivator blades.

4. The guarantee does not apply if the product (garden tractor, lawn mower, cultivator) is used for the inadequate quality of oil or insufficient amount of oil used.

5. Warranty does not apply to tires for their normal wear, improper use or maintenance, as well as the punctures from outside.

6. The guarantee does not apply if the faults, defects caused by inadequate maintenance and operation of the product or the result of causes such as improper handling, transportation, hauling, storage or improper use, and instructions.

7. The guarantee does not apply if the product is used for providing commercial services or the lease of a third person.

8. Damage damage caused by "force majeure" (storm, hurricane, flood, or the like) the guarantee does not apply.


Warranty claims submission

Claims and claims for the defect can be expressed, if deficiencies have been identified during the warranty period. In case of reasonable claims for the product quality, the company guarantees the removal of the defect free of charge or defective goods of high quality if it is not possible to eliminate the shortcomings named. The company reserves the right to assess the validity of claims for the product quality.

If you have any questions regarding the warranty, please call: +37060297295,  e-mail: servisas@sodotraktoriai.lt or visit us: Pakalnės g. 5D, Domeikava, Kaunas district.

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